The bus shelter offers an interior and an exterior advertising face, both positioned to maximize their visibility. This format speaks to pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, and public transit commuters. It’s a strategic format that lets you target a specific area to reach your audience. It’s also a recognized high-frequency mass medium. Our bus shelters are located both on busy thoroughfares and in residential neighbourhoods where advertising is very limited.
Formats The formats shown are just a sampling of the products available.
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Bus Shelters 2000 47,25’’ X 68,25’’
Bus Shelters 90 48’’ X 55,25’’
Bus Shelters 2010 40,75’’ X 62,5’’
Bus Shelters Hexagon 34’’ X 64’’
Bus Shelters 85 30,5’’ X 58’’
Bus Shelters Verval 35’’ X 73,25’’
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